Press, Skyfri


Skyfri is pleased to announce the appointment of Anders Mittet, a dynamic entrepreneur, as our new Sales Engineer. With a diverse background encompassing various aspects of business and a passion for solving technological challenges, Mittet brings a unique perspective to the Skyfri team.

Mittet's entrepreneurial journey began while he was studying for a MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where he founded Hauk.AI. This IoT startup aimed to revolutionize city parking using AI and sensor technology, with a focus on integrating solar power and batteries for distributed and flexible deployment.

Commenting on his background, Mittet shared, "As an entrepreneur, I've had the opportunity to explore a wide range of areas within business and technology. I've discovered my passion for solving customer problems by using technology as a tool."

In his new role at Skyfri, Mittet sees himself as a translator, bridging the gap between customer challenges and desired outcomes. He expressed enthusiasm for joining Skyfri's dynamic team, emphasizing the company's flexible and collaborative culture.

Christian Blom, CEO of Skyfri, commented, "We are thrilled to welcome Anders Mittet to Skyfri. His entrepreneurial spirit and problem-solving skills will undoubtedly contribute to our mission of spreading solar and renewable solutions globally.