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Skyfri is a Norwegian-based company, but we continue to build a strong remote workforce globally. We have teams in the USA, London, Norway and India.

Oslo (HQ)

Rådhusgata 50151,
Oslo, Norway.


3rd Floor, VLVC Plaza, 19th Main Road, 1st Block, Rajajinagar Bengaluru, 560 010 India


361 Iverness Dr S Suite B, EnglewoodCO 80112, USA


Level 39, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf London, E14 5AB England


How do you onboard new customers?

It normally takes up to 30 days to onboard new customers and access to the platform is provided. A single point of contact is allocated to the customer during the entire onboarding process.

What is the pricing model?

Our standard model is charged by capacity (KW DC) for utility scale sites or by number of sites, for rooftop/C&I customers. We guarantee competitive offering and short ROI.

Can I see a demo of the platform?

Yes, please contact to schedule a demo of Skyfri Intelligence. The demo is provided digitally through Microsoft Teams.

Can you do a “proof of concept”?

We offer a no cost “Proof of concept” (PoC) for potential clients, so that the users can learn how our system works and explore its various benefits. Typical PoC period is between 2-3 months and after the PoC period we discuss the results, note users’ change requirements and go over to a commercial version if the clients want to. Seeing is believing and we are confident that our system can provide superior value for asset owners.

In which markets do you offer your services?

There are no geographical limits to where our services are offered. If you procure our Skyfri SCADA or PoC requires so, we will ship the “panel” to you and guide you through the installation (or ask our local partner to install it for you). After the initial onboarding, everything is digital and does not require our physical presence, except for annual maintenance of SCADA panels.

Do I need Skyfri IoT?

Skyfri IoT is not required if you have an existing SCADA in place, which provides data to the cloud. If not, one of our panels will be installed on the site (either Skyfri IoT or Skyfri Aggregator).

Don’t I get the same data from inverters?

Skyfri Intelligence is designed to detect and address plant issues, underperformance and faults in real time. And its OEM agnostic. Whereas inverters are limited to themselves and cannot identify root cause of losses. Inverters is just one of equipment that Skyfri Intelligence monitors and analyses.

What is the difference between Skyfri Intelligence and Skyfri Energy?

Skyfri Intelligence (technology) and Skyfri Energy (Asset management and O&M) are two business units under Skyfri group. Skyfri Energy also uses Skyfri Intelligence technologies to make their day to day operations and maintenance proactive, predictive, more efficient, transparent, automated and hence reduces costs.