Press, Skyfri


Skyfri is pleased to announce the appointment of Christian Haugen Matvik as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO), effective May 2nd. With a wealth of experience in software development and renewable energy technology, Haugen brings a dynamic skillset and dedication to advancing sustainable energy practices.

Haugen Matvik's appointment underscores Skyfri's commitment to driving innovation in renewable energy and accelerating the transition away from fossil fuels. As CTO, he willspearhead initiatives to increase adoption of renewable energy, across industries, making it accessible to all.

Reflecting on his new role, Haugen Matvik shares, "When joining a company like Skyfri, I think you're motivated by a common purpose - wanting to make a difference. My expertise is technology, and I see it as a powerful tool to address pressing societal challenges, particularly the urgent need to scale renewable and green energy production."

Prior to joining Skyfri, Haugen Matvik held key positions at Cegal Norway, where he led software development projects focused on renewable energy technology. He is eager tocontinue his efforts in driving impactful change within the industry.

Skyfri's CEO, Christian Blom, expresses confidence in Haugen Matvik's ability to lead the company's technological endeavors. "Haugen Matvik's team spirit and unwavering commitment to sustainability make him an ideal fit for Skyfri," says Blom. "As our company grows, it's not just about technology; it's about scaling a trusted team capable of solving complex challenges."

Haugen Matvik's personal commitment to sustainability extends beyond his professionalendeavors. His family's decision to cover their entire house facade with solar cells exemplifies his dedication to translating beliefs into action.

"I believe in practicing what you preach," says Haugen Matvik. "It's not enough to talk about renewable energy; we must actively pursue it. Skyfri embodies this ethos, and I'mexcited to be part of a team dedicated to driving real change."

Looking ahead, Haugen Matvik envisions Skyfri playing a pivotal role in meeting the escalating global energy demand through innovative renewable energy solutions. "We're at a critical juncture where renewable energy adoption is paramount," he remarks. "Skyfri is poised to lead the charge, creating incentives and solutions to facilitate a seamless transition to sustainable energy sources."

With Haugen Matvik's appointment, Skyfri reaffirms its commitment to pioneering renewable energy technologies and advancing environmental sustainability on a global scale.