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Skyfri awarded grant from The Research Council of Norway

11 million Norwegian kroner in funding of system to automate management of decentralized solar plants. 

Skyfri Technologies AS has been granted 11 million Norwegian kroner in support of Skyfris platform to manage and optimize distributed solar and storage assets. decentralized solar power installations (1-10 MW) and batteries. Currently, managing these installations is challenging due to their geographical spread, local energy markets and site-specific requirements. This project aims to simplify these complexities by automating key activities, enhancing efficiency and operational ease. By significantly improving profitability and operational reliability, this technology paves the way for broader adoption of sustainable energy solutions, marking a crucial step towards a greener future.

Grants like this from research councils are pivotal financial awards designed to propel scientific, academic, or research initiatives forward. These competitive grants necessitate that applicants submit comprehensive proposals, delineating their research plans, objectives, and anticipated results, thereby ensuring only the most promising and impactful projects receive funding.

Read more: https://www.forskningsradet.no/nyheter/2023/216-millioner-til-forskning-pa-fornybar-energi/