Introducing the next-generation caretaker

We started Skyfri because we saw a clear gap in the market in providing a better and integrated approach towards automated asset operations. Learn more about how our technology are changing the game of caretaking of solar assets.

solar asset management software

The tremendous growth of solar also requires adequate tools to monitor in real-time, optimize and ensure production throughout the life cycle of a solar asset. We have built this in our comprehensive Skyfri Intelligence product suite. Skyfri Intelligence offers a module-based system covering all aspects of solar operations, from monitoring, CMMS, predictive analysis, billing, reporting and more – in one platform. In some regions we deploy our own staff, providing the best in class caretaking of our clients assets. Since our inception, the approach has proven to be a success. We have accumulated a large set of impressive clients, including some of the largest owners in the world, to more corporate and industrial (C&I) players.

In contrast to many software providers globally, Skyfri also has a firmware component that allows for data accumulation, regardless of the scada-systems available on existing plants, or complete deployment on new plants. This fully integrated approach is built for solar, and not an extension on top of old scada-systems provided by ABB and Siemens. Our fully integrated system has grown and we have experienced a rapid expansion in 2021 and 2022, primarily through in-bound interest and referrals in the community, which we are very grateful of. The growth has also been evident in the C&I segment of the solar industry, where solar on rooftops need new and flexible solutions in terms of data collection and scada. We believe we have found our way of partaking in this market that is growing enormously. Skyfri is born global, and born technology-first.

Our team consists of some of the most experienced solar executives, but also technology entrepreneurs with the needed know-how to improve a segment of the industry that has not experienced heavy R&D investments. Skyfri is here to change that. With the growth of solar, more and more solar power plants will be built globally, hence the need for solar asset caretaking will be growing even more. These assets will live from 20 to 30 years, and Skyfri takes part in this journey from the very birth of a solar asset, to its old age, ensuring that it always deliver optimally. A project we have in Maldives is a good example of this. Our approach is technology-first, and as close to autonomous solar asset operations as possible.

Our client in Maldives has assets spread across the Island, and Skyfri Intelligence helps them monitor and find the root cause for production failure, but also informs and sends alarms on the specific location, making their operations much more efficient than today.

We work every day to improve our business and technology, and we are fortunate to learn from the best, and receive input on incremental upgrades continuously from our clients. In addition, we have become members of Greentech Alliance, a 10.000+ member strong community of Greentech companies fighting climate change, and the Voyagers group, another community focusing on the same.

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