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India + Norway = Green energy transition

Last week our Norwegian and Indian offices were represented at the Norway-India Sustainability Forum in New Delhi, hosted by Innovation Norway.

Two nations together against climate change

After two days in India at the Norway-India Sustainability Forum in New Delhi, and the Indo-Nordic Green Transition Forum in Mumbai, both hosted by Innovation Norway, we are left with a lot of gratitude, inspiration and drive for further cooperations with our Indian partners and offices.

Firstly, we would like to thank Innovation Norway for organizing an amazing event where the two nations were able to discuss, share experiences and narratives, and altogether learn how to cooperate for the green energy transition.

We believe that sharing knowledge across the world is the most effective way for coming up with new solutions and optimizing processes that are already running, and our friends in India are no exception!

A lot of innovation is happening within renewable energy, and Skyfri is proud to contribute with advanced analytics, technology and innovation in the solar industry.

We captured a happy moment where our Norwegian rep Kristin Sandtorv met with our Indian representatives GS Venkatesh and Prashant Narkhede.

We would also like to thank Innovation Norway for giving us the opportunity to present Skyfri, our values and what drives our technological development. It was such an honor to be present amongst so many high-impact businesses. Also, thanks to our Norwegian rep Kristin Sandtorv for doing an excellent job in representing Skyfri.

Skyfri CFO Kristin Sandtorv presented Skyfri and our solutions.

As innovation is at high speed in the renewable energy industry, it’s a humble pleasure for a Norwegian based startup-up to be given the chance to participate in a forum such as the one we saw in India. Many big players have driven the path before us, and we are feeling blessed to be in the same forum such as these. It was a fun and valuable experience being able to share competence, ideas and experiences with the other companies that participated, and we look forward to seeing where the industry will go next.

Skyfri CFO Kristin Sandtorv along with some of the other participants in Mumbai.
Skyfri’s Prashant Narkhede and Kristin Santorv, and Norway’s Minister of Industry Jan Christian Vestre.