How technology is transforming solar operations

New technologies are a recurring topic of discussion in the Skyfri teams-channels 💡 Especially digitalization is one of the trends we are the most concerned with, and it's therefore a pleasure to share some of our reflections on how breaking edge technologies are applied within the solar industry and how Skyfri Intelligence is one of them.

As a result of the urgent need to transition to clean energy sources, renewable energy has seen tremendous growth over the last decade. Managing and optimizing the accelerated growth in terms of capacity, while reducing the expenses has therefore become a necessity.

Luckily, the investments in technology are increasing every day. Breaking edge technologies are demonstrated and applied within the industry, such as the implementation of drones and satellites for thermal imaging, automated cleaning of the panels, self-driving lawn mowing, etc. These new technologies enable us to increase generation and solar plants lifetime, save time and help workers to focus on the tasks that really matter. Automation is an important keyword when describing the future of solar, and we see new technologies being developed consecutively.

A comprehensive process

Maintaining solar power plants (both utility scale and on the rooftops) require a lot of work such as planned maintenance, incident handling, reporting, billing, guarantees and insurance handling, to mention a few. Usually, these tasks are either done manually or with support of a software. However, software gives insights within a specific silo it is meant for, data is still kept locked and not shared across the silos. The plant itself generates plenty of data that is often not made available through these systems.

Without having access to the information about the plant’s generation, the operations cannot be optimized. That is why we created Skyfri Intelligence; a platform that digitalize’s manual processes and breaks the silos by releasing the data stream, and gather it in one place, giving asset owners one single source of truth. When the information is collected, we apply advanced analytics to get useful insights. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) allows us to make operations and maintenance of solar PV plants more efficient. This allows us to collect data from the plant without using expensive equipment, and to see the real-time generation status as well as allowing us to predict future generation based on accurate data.

Skyfri Intelligence- All-in-one solution for PV plants

Our platform is modular and built up with stand-alone applications, allowing the customer to choose the services that gives the most value to their plant. CMS tracks the performance, while CMMS tracks the work that people are doing at the premises. The inventory management system tracks the number of spare parts, while the billing module tracks how to invoice your customers. The systems are separate, as are the data within them, but we combine all the information in one platform for easy access. The new use of AI and ML in the solar industry is here to stay, and we have probably only seen the beginning of it. The amount of data we generate in most industries, and especially within solar, is so high and increasing fast, that it is critical to have proper automation of data cleaning, processing and insights generation steps. AI is a great tool to help us go through the data and give us the most important insights.

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