Press, Skyfri

Alex Nergaard is new chairman of the board for Skyfri

Skyfri is excited to welcome Alex Nergaard as the new chairman of the board. As a seasoned investor returning to Norway after close to two decades in Asia, he brings with him a fresh perspective to the further development of Skyfri.

Mr. Nergaard reflects on his return to Norway and new role as Chairman, stating, "I've been involved in building companies from zero to success. And I've invested in companies that didn't succeed. It's good to take the latter with you too. You have to tolerate failure. Learning along the way is very important to me. Investing early helps companies pursue their goals faster, giving them a greater possibility of succeeding. Through venture investing I can hopefully take part in building companies that can make a real difference in the world.” says Nergaard.


Over the years, Mr. Nergaard has become more aware of the kind of world we’re leaving behind for those who will take over when we’re gone. "99% of early-stage investors are (or at least should be) in search of companies that have an eye on the future, in having an impact. Skyfri is one such company, and I truly believe they will have a valuable impact in shaping the renewable energy sector," he adds. "Alex brings a wealth of knowledge and a robust global network from his time in Asia. His strategic vision and long-term investment approach are perfectly aligned with Skyfri's objectives. His leadership will be crucial as we strive to innovate within the renewable energy sector and scale our operations to meet future demands," says Christian Blom, CEO of Skyfri.


Emphasizing the importance of his role in shaping the company's future, Mr. Nergaard discusses his approach: "We have a long road ahead to build Skyfri into a leader in renewable energy. It's about laying the right foundations and progressing at a pace that ensures longevity and relevance in the market."